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Publication Date: 2014-04-30

Design Insights

How To Be the Best Interior Designer or Professional of Any Kind

What does it take to be the best Interior Designer? Or the best in any field? It is actually more obvious than one may think...

Be the Best by Learning, Always Learning...

Pablo Picasso reminds us to continually sharpen the saw and never stop learning. On a professional level, I fully appreciate the wisdom of this quote - in the design world there is nothing worse than an interior designer or decorator who purports to bean expert - or creative without a solid foundation or the discipline to continually learn and update. They are not so lovingly referred to as "decorinas" by the truly inspired and progressive design professionals. Did you go to Design School? Congratulations, now keep learning... To graduate from school is simply not enough to qualify greatness or expertise. In fact, some of the best knowledge I received was from an incredibly talented designer I worked for while I was in design school. Julie Lloyd gave me an additional, entirely separate design education that I will always be grateful for... she taught me things that do not exist in textbooks or classrooms. There is so much to learn... always. "If you view graduation as a commencement, a beginning, it can be a foundation for future value creation and service. That is the exact opposite perspective from those who mistakenly imagine that their credentials constitute and entitlement... It's no accident that leaders in various fields are voracious learners whose imaginations are defiantly unbounded by the often artificial strictures and structures of formal education or academic disciplines." -Serve To Lead

How To Be the Best- From Your Client's Perspective:

A good start point is to learn as much as possible about your client. Ask, then LISTEN. Always be respectful of the obvious fact that the client is the one who will have to live in the completed space, not yourself. The design should be 150% about them, not simply what you do well or have done before. Do not be so comfortable with your past work that you lose focus on the present job at hand. Listen listen listen, and focus on the client's unique needs and desires for the space you are designing. Then do the research and resourcing to exceed their expectations. Meanwhile, whatever interests you in the design world, explore it, learn about it, allow it to be the inspiration for an even greater design concept. Flesh out the details now, because you never know how or when ...Continue Reading Here


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