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Publication Date: 2015-04-29

Social Media- Paragons of Netiquette

Celebrating Social Media excellence today with pointers from the pros... featuring names you know and love in the design social media world...

In the wolf hierarchy, there exists a ranking system. Dominance in a pack has more to do with confidence and strength of character than size or physical strength. Which means that contrary to popular belief, the Alpha dogs are not the snarling, ferocious ones, but the calm and wise ones. They know their place and don’t feel the need to prove anything to the pack. It’s the lower ranking members who are insecure and have something to prove to their peers. Spoiler alert: if you watch the wolf pack behavior videos, you will note that the ones with the most self-serving or bully behaviors don’t meet a good end. They usually get taken down by the rest of the pack to restore balance to the group. Natural selection.

This same mentality transfers to the social media world. Social media platforms are stages for all kinds of behavior- the good, the bad and the ugly. I’m sure you have seen the nasty behavior, and the disappointing encouragement of it as well, but we will not dwell on those types today. Instead, we will focus on the paragons of excellence, the true alphas of the social media world, and what they are doing so well.These people consistently deliver class on a platter and raise the bar for the rest of us- we should learn from them. They do not engage with low-level behavior. They are positive, original, powerful, consistent and loaded with character. These are people you definitely ought to follow if you are not already. They operate on a higher plane because they are professionals, and their media presences reflect their level of excellence. They don't think the way other people think. They freely share new ideas and insights, they encourage rather than tear down others, they offer quality content, and inspire their followers to consider new insights or angles. They are respected because they are respectful. They are interesting because they are interested in so many things. I have pulled together a social media pack of excellence to share with you today. Rather than have every contributor cover the same points, I have divided the topics by talents, which gives us more to grow on, beginning with a good social media presence:

Spot ON, Charlotte Moss and Howard Slatkin. These two are loaded with class and character. Like their glorious books, their social media presence delivers a boost of good energy and inspiration. Always. They each have a disciplined approach which suggests a bigger picture mentality. They are way too busy creating great things and living busy lives to get caught up in anything short of positive.
On social media, sharing is a display of respect that furthers the reach of good content. There is an unspoken courtesy rule regarding sharing. If you share, always acknowledge your source. That's what a "hat tip" is, a simple "ht: Suzie M-" , linking back to her to let it be known that you found the article on your friend Suzie's wall or blog or wherever. Courtesy. While simple, this quick step is often bypassed by those who would rather take the credit for discovering the article or post. People who don't acknowledge their source must not realize that the source can usually see the share anyway, which leaves proverbial egg on the ill-mannered sharer's face. Politeness doesn't cost a thing... spread it everywhere I say. James Strock and James Altucher, both best-selling authors, cover this topic beautifully. Strock has a popular Facebook presence, partially due to his fascinating curation of content. He is all about crediting his wide variety of sources, which in itself starts interesting conversations. Altucher, in his book Choose Yourself, highlights that 1) people like to be acknowledged and 2) honesty compounds exponentially. Give credit where it is due. Amen to both of you Jameses, life is short:

The only thing I would add to this is that, as important as sharing - is celebrating the achievements of your peers, and supporting them with likes, comments, engagement. It costs you nothing to boost someone else, so why not do it? Good begets good.
Hashtags are more relevant on some platforms than others. These little metadata tags provide a way for readers to find similar content. Our next two contributors have turned hashtags into an art form. Creative minds create clever hashtags - consistently delivering the unexpected laugh. Their level of brilliance appears to be more deep-rooted talent than skill, unfortunately for the rest of us. continue reading here


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