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Publication Date: 2014-05-02


15 Luxurious Marble Bathroom Designs

Luxury should not be overlooked in bathroom design. These fifteen luxurious marble bathroom designs are fitted with well-crafted fixtures, stunning free-standing bath tubs, custom showers and finished off with unique marble detailing. The marble surfaces elevate each design and create a fresh, sleek finish with a true luxurious undertone.

1 castle design.jpg?ixlib=rails 1.1

Castle Design

2 scavullo design.jpg?ixlib=rails 1.1

Scavullo Design

3 laura u.jpg?ixlib=rails 1.1

Laura U Inc.

4 richard swann architect .jpg?ixlib=rails 1.1

Richard Swann Architect

5 stocker hoesterey montenegro architects.jpg?ixlib=rails 1.1

Stocker Hoesterey Montenegro Architects

6 tammy connor interior design.jpg?ixlib=rails 1.1

Tammy Connor Interior Design

7 stuart cohen & julie hacker architects llc .jpg?ixlib=rails 1.1

Stuart Cohen & Julie Hacker Architects LLC

8 wiseman & gale interiors%209 terrat elms interior design.jpg?ixlib=rails 1.1

Wiseman & Gale Interiors / Elms Interior Design

10 soucie horner ltd.jpg?ixlib=rails 1.1

Soucie Horner Ltd.

11 jennifer post design%2012 bkh.jpg?ixlib=rails 1.1

Jennifer Post Design / BKH New York Inc.

13 anyon design.jpg?ixlib=rails 1.1

Anyon Design

14 leeann baker interiors ltd..jpg?ixlib=rails 1.1

LeeAnn Baker Interiors Ltd.

15 wells & fox architectural interiors .jpg?ixlib=rails 1.1

Wells & Fox Architectural Interiors