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Publication Date: 2013-02-10


Veuve Clicquot's Private Hotel, Hotel du Marc, Reims, France

I’ve never wanted to share an adventure more than this. Last month I received a call from the head office at LVMH. Veuve Clicquot had invited me to stay at Hotel du Marc, the by invitation only hotel in Reims, France. With just 6 bedrooms, I knew of only one other who’d been invited since the vast renovations a few years ago. Costas Voyatzis AKA Yatzer. Before I spin off with everything I want to share, let me tell you why I am here. Every so often Veuve Clicquot will invite a handful of guests and influencers to spend the evening pow wowing about all things creative. For our evening, Ayako Suwa was invited from Japan to create the most spectacular evening I have ever experienced.

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To give you a little background info on the building first, this place has quite the history. In a city that was mostly destroyed during the First World War it is quite incredible that the house still stands today. It literally has the war wounds to prove it, the exterior walls are mottled with cavaties. This former home of Madame Clicquot, has remained in the family since 1840.

Hotel Design, Interior Design, Decoration, Interiors, France

Veuve Clicquot are committed to celebrating designers and artists, and that’s clear from the recent collaborations the brand has undertaken, Charlotte Olympia, Andrée Putman, the Campana Brothers, Karim Rashid, Tom Dixon, and Mathieu Lehanneur to name just a few.

Interior Design, Interiors, Hotel Design

There are few hotels, although Hotel du Marc can hardly be placed in the same category, it’s more like your staying in their home, that give their interior designers such artistic license. Bruno Moinard (former design partner of Andrée Putman and designer of the Cartier stores) has carefully connected the brands history in the most charming interpretations. Each bedroom is designed with a country, person and season in mind. My room used icy blue hues, and crisp whites to signify the cold winters in the region, with a nod to Russia, one of the first countries Madam Clicquot exported her champagne to.

I met my fellow guests at Gard du l’Est just a couple of weekends ago in Paris after a couple of days in the city. A speedy TGV down to Reims allowed us to arrive just in time to settle in and have a glass of champagne before our instructions to meet in the biblioteque downstairs at 8pm. With a crew setting up downstairs little did we know what was ahead of us that night.

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