Knurled Knob Basin Set

Sherle Wagner International

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    Knurled Knob Basin Set

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Available as a wall mount and bidet set in all Sherle Wagner finishes. Various stones, marbles and onyx as well as hand painted or decorated china can be selected as inserts. Alternative spouts available.

Product Specifications

Depth: 5.625
Width: 11
Height: 3.56
Lead Time
4-6 Weeks (Made to Order)

Available Swatches

  • B5fa9c9b de82 4583 8a10 1565e376f2f3 polished.nickel Polished Nickel
  • 58bc0089 1067 4afa 9f5f eaa0f01ae16a anique.pewter Antique Pewter
  • D40505b4 8ea1 40d7 80ff e5ddb115693c black.pearl Black Pearl
  • 37693b70 6f53 4761 8f88 fb49c17d911e Brushed Chrome
  • A8ed538c 8e17 42b5 adae 7491d8c6c1b5 brushed.nickel Brushed Nickel
  • C99ef9d5 f252 40a9 93c5 4aa047e343b3 butler.silver English Silver
  • E373bd5f 719b 4458 a58a b615d1d64d4f english.silver Butler Silver
  • 6ede4feb 809e 4955 b3f4 0587dc8c3c12 high.polished.platinum High Polished Platinum
  • E2d03a8e 21a9 4bc1 8be4 d7e214d313d1 Polished Chrome
  • E8ae335c aabd 4341 9b74 4c29111f8d0e Almond Gold
  • 59c155e2 0617 4468 817c 81ad3b4189d2 Antique Gold
  • 1c028b32 5f1d 4069 97b2 d0b0c1283a28 Burnished Gold
  • Ac8a2220 da0b 4ece 8ee3 7c1a45ef2364 english.patina English Patina
  • 36ed69b4 9344 454b 9ccf 25aa5dd005d9 flemish.patina Flemish Patina
  • 56af587b 2179 4871 90cf b8fe5f5577c8 gold.plate Gold Plate
  • D315e735 e5c4 4b09 b468 dfdbca12fe71 oil.rubbed.brass Oil Rubbed Brass
  • D1ba8b22 2f54 476d a84b ae7e08f7af6b polished.brass Polished Brass
  • 92ceb0cd cb2e 4c6c 8e47 1cf637309384 Rose Gold
  • Bf8485fd 0f99 4e34 be32 1acb1c0aac4c honey.onyx Honey Onyx
  • 53ff2b03 341a 4b7a 9ae2 26bfe0279b4d satin.brass Satin Brass
  • Ed606c45 3615 4a1c 83f8 5780ee15b2f0 jasper Jasper
  • 04075f1a e0cc 416b 93bc 9c5c2a137e0b lapis.lazuli Lapis Lazuli
  • 662d83fe 2ba0 44fc 87e6 a12c05f4a238 amethyst Amethyst
  • 06f9ce7c d750 4335 a446 1d8450d9f7d8 black.onyx Black Onyx
  • E9e5096f 0121 4a52 83a1 13fda3e11ec6 blue.tiger.eye Blue Tiger Eye
  • 338f6b76 52c5 4443 bbcd 92f56f4c2aef brown.onyx Brown Onyx
  • 65fa6096 f41f 42c0 841f bd5383324fad brown.tiger.eye Brown Tiger Eye
  • Ed700d93 29ce 43d5 8e74 59fb6bac6314 cream.onyx Cream Onyx
  • 95c186f3 972f 4482 86a7 09aef86509e8 green.onyx Green Onyx
  • Fe47660a 4b05 478c 88de 7e1efb7a769d rhodocrosite Rhodocrosite
  • 99a1283e c06a 430b 901b db6e95d5ce84 rock.crystal Rock Crystal
  • Dca44237 a5be 45f7 9cfd 7d43157d3b97 rose.quartz Rose Quartz
  • C798da36 711a 4286 9049 cd1e2663f048 white.onyx White Onyx
  • 99af0ffa c8c2 401b 8c84 7c329aeb907e malachite Malachite
  • D4b31adb 3330 4b1d 83f1 e8c5ec9ed92a pink.onyx Pink Onyx
  • 81e4bb4b f72e 46eb b435 8e4e0893614d artichoke Artichoke
  • E152b5d6 2027 47bd 8660 e748b7717b96 Chinoiserie - Blue
  • D3e33f65 3a64 4425 9c6a 30d7b0097979 Chinoiserie - Green
  • D30996e4 13e6 4b48 993b 699495ada73b Acorn & Oakleaf - Blue
  • 6ca7833e bae8 4ed1 b43c 766157250923 acorn.oakleaf.charcoal Acorn & Oakleaf - Charcoal
  • 689410a3 159c 42c4 a590 5f1f154cde1f acorn.oakleaf.garnet Acorn & Oakleaf - Garnet
  • 8d65a076 12f4 4872 b2b0 9f30dc3ead50 acorn.oakleaf.greige Acorn & Oakleaf - Greige
  • 2b2d7baf 941d 4b1f 8634 885f3cab4ece Acorn & Oakleaf - Light Blue
  • Cc0fdf14 f2e4 4c85 a999 6f2915547d56 acorn.oakleaf.sage Acorn & Oakleaf - Sage
  • 276d598d 5bc6 46ff a74b 01ec93e6d9f5 acorn.oakleaf.sepia Acorn & Oakleaf - Sepia
  • 054ba128 3b63 467f 9356 0da670d9779b le.jardin.charcoal Le Jardin - Charcoal
  • A6610fc2 8ad3 448d 8680 95a69e1ccc1f le.jardin.garnet Le Jardin - Garnet
  • Acf88929 bb7b 40ab 81b8 24239077f906 le.jardin.greige Le Jardin - Greige
  • 9f7eb5c9 1c4e 4f24 9e5f 1a2710535c34 Chinoiserie - Pink
  • 974ad25d 7efb 49d0 ac17 4a51141849e2 delft Delft
  • 2e36e9cd 348f 49c7 9242 c79d082fcf39 Floral Chinoiserie - Blue
  • 2cffe99d 392a 44ff b921 6e820dd001c6 Floral Chinoiserie - Green
  • B93dda19 a871 43e0 b1c5 e5616ca35de2 Floral Chinoiserie - Pink
  • Be7e2b99 33b1 43cc a8eb bf05155fc98d garlands.leaves Garlands & Leaves
  • 6f21dcaa f598 4264 b24d c9859f1f60d8 Le Jardin - Blue
  • B208700c 01ec 460e bde2 3da88820d02f le.jardin.sepia Le Jardin - Sepia
  • Df55ce92 0e54 47e8 a3ca df46af679952 Lotus - Blue
  • 1d2624cc e891 4f63 abdc 03a9b2353184 Lotus - Green
  • Cfb5a7e2 f4de 4823 9f6c ed5eeebba619 lotus.white Lotus - White
  • 4136a1e4 239e 4f51 8117 c257703d064c Ming Blossom - Blue
  • 509e1c1c 796b 46c0 8025 394666fcf098 ming.blossom.brown Ming Blossom - Brown
  • 905ba120 3c4f 483f 9692 000aa2dde3b5 Ming Blossom - Pink
  • Fecd4839 6d3a 4cc6 9c1d e134c82905c4 ming.blossom.yellow Ming Blossom - Yellow
  • 65cb80e3 a635 4b64 9dfd c73b62f5e3dc Le Jardin - Light Blue
  • C9b162e0 e658 492f 8830 c0303954d589 le.jardin.sage Le Jardin - Sage
  • 0b0d63ab 26cf 49a5 922f 8c7a852c3f64 poppies Poppies
  • 9cc7717c 8efa 47ac 9abc c49b7e7eedf3 Summer Garden
  • 6bb974d5 b2f4 468d 8717 ea672503c220 waterlilies Waterlilies
  • 65bbe4fd 900d 434b 9add 651494d2f814 Mums - Blue
  • D7aab576 6d80 4b11 9790 f07f93a6039c Mums - Green
  • 050dd9f7 e551 4f1b aa9e 3f3c3cd51f8e Oriental Flowers
  • 916e35c3 2a60 491b 9096 c09dc4656d14 peaches Peaches
  • 0d42e580 3bba 4d35 ab64 7b658fd37d25 marianella Marianella
  • D30a289f fbe3 4b11 a277 618f74d437f9 negro.marquina Negro Marquina
  • 7ed44cc2 2431 45fc ae76 ed4bc86c15dd port.laurent Port Laurent
  • 0e54eb63 3267 4dbe 8c2c f41c0415ecf5 portoro Portoro
  • Bc4bc56d 6043 44ae bd0e 62be1b2ef8f5 arabescato Arabescato
  • B9a2f396 d047 46f9 adf3 6fbf9673d8f0 calacatta Calacatta
  • 3e5060c1 7fc9 4e4e 9b53 769247a4c5e2 cararra Cararra
  • 28f24256 024c 49df 983d 5071833f70fa carnico.grey Carnico Grey
  • 8f6863f8 02fc 42c0 b830 29fc2112887d crema.marfil Crema Marfil
  • 0c9e55d1 18d8 459d a490 5de7e96b2e46 imperador.brown Imperador Brown
  • 5e05d61a 1992 41bb ab1c ef00f00d968d ruvina Ruvina
  • A6f8cec9 de5b 4524 b24e 4755f17e0837 verdi.viana Verdi Viana
  • Ce750ec8 3f06 495a b3af f976cda26f09 rosa.du.monte Rosa Du Monte
  • 86dfc3ee 167d 4554 87df d7400900e77a rose.aurora Rose Aurora

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