Petite Brass Hairpin Ottomans in Velvet


Sorry, this product is no longer available on Dering Hall. For more information please call Montage: (203) 666-5596.

The perfect addition to any space! Wonderfully proportioned pair of ottomans upholstered in a supple Italian velvet of the highest quality; 100% cotton. This work in a multitude of spaces: In a living space, under a console, at the foot of a bed. Think of anywhere you need a burst of color!

These are made to order to ensure the best quality. Shown above in Indigo, Espresso, Mint, & Noir. We have a large fabric library and would be happy to mail swatches of other color options. We can also fulfil orders with custom sizes and multiple quantities. Please inquire with any questions, and to request a cutting of the shown color to ensure satisfaction.

Product Specifications

22 x 17 x 18
Lead Time
4-6 Weeks (Made to Order)

Available Swatches

  • 7feec3b1 b527 47f0 9323 22a0a0dbac08 lat.como.wasabi.20170612.28.edit Piedmont in Wasabi (100% Cotton Velvet)
  • 8d7b6667 57ed 4a6f 9970 ac17cb048b87 lat.como.indigo.20170612.12.edit Piedmont in Indigo (100% Cotton Velvet)
  • Aa60835a eb2d 4e9b a38d ec4e7691fc78 lat.como.cyan.20170612.24.edit Piedmont in Cyan (100% Cotton Velvet)
  • A2fe99ad ac19 4cc4 b93b cb07caa57afb lat.marvel.tumeric.20170612.9.edit Alba in Tumeric (Performance Velvet)
  • B5c5e39e 6765 4a27 8a25 1e57b6824074 lat.marvel.tremiere.20170612.31.edit Alba in Tremiere (Performance Velvet)
  • 1a174329 7dac 46ad 8552 e2244718efbd Alba in Thunder Cloud (Performance Velvet)
  • 8536122b 6b1a 4753 8582 193fa5597022 lat.marvel.taupe.20170612.38.edit Alba in Taupe (Performance Velvet)
  • 52662592 d15a 431e bc6f f0b863e78220 lat.marvel.stone.20170612.5 Alba in Stone (Performance Velvet)
  • Cdf84379 084d 405d b19e 2a2bec601952 lat.marvel.snow.20170612.17 Alba in Snow (Performance Velvet)
  • 25223b65 6fce 4ee7 ad52 d1b4a9b4fa30 lat.marvel.platinum.20170612.27.edit Alba in Platinum (Performance Velvet)
  • 2cda8cdd 796c 47f1 a31d 0ca2600c99be lat.marvel.pavo.20170612.15 Alba in Pavo (Performance Velvet)
  • 2dee8908 0a8c 4b3a 96b9 b6542023a0a2 lat.marvel.marmalade.20170612.22.edit Alba in Marmalade (Performance Velvet)
  • 263521ee c653 4772 ab11 8b93e4c1cada lat.marvel.linen.20170612.25 Alba in Linen (Performance Velvet)
  • 2597cefb 54f0 4fc1 9c62 f7bbc2438369 lat.marvel.lapis.20170612.26.edit Alba in Lapis (Performance Velvet)
  • 3403a161 9d49 4447 be63 6daef46d9a5a lat.marvel.indigo.20170612.34.edit Alba in Indigo (Performance Velvet)
  • 77c1828f 0617 4564 9d07 98931e2f1933 lat.marvel.harbor.20170612.1.edit Alba in Harbor (Performance Velvet)
  • 50402afa 7c2d 4b92 8766 4b1efeff8142 lat.marvel.graphite.20170612.13.edit Alba in Graphite (Performance Velvet)
  • 42b21c5c 669f 4e17 b926 2d231ef091f3 lat.marvel.dublin.20170612.6 Alba in Dublin (Performance Velvet)
  • 6b8e4c9a 1438 418c a74d 6fad13765ce0 lat.marvel.citrus.20170612.10.edit Alba in Citrus (Performance Velvet)
  • 58b69224 a632 46ef 98c4 72cb116f6c00 lat.como.sharkskin.20170612.11.edit Piedmont in Sharkskin (100% Cotton Velvet)
  • B0f75fcc 7252 43dc 94bb c58db78432f1 lat.como.snow.20170612.16.edit Piedmont in Snow (100% Cotton)
  • 7b4f9b71 2783 45f7 9778 e4fb0790f08d lat.como.emerald.20170612.32.edit Piedmont in Emerald (100% Cotton Velvet)
  • 486f2c9b 0e16 4074 a269 a7232409b69b lat.como.dark.grey.20170612.3.edit Piedmont in Dark Grey (100% Cotton Velvet)

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